Unipharm brings 

the concept of health 
to the Māori community

At the recently concluded High5 Health Expo, New Zealand Unipharm attracted global attention from merchants, including renowned scientists, heads of international organizations, and many other highly representative attendees. Among them was a special visitor, Tamiaho, a leader in promoting peace and the health and prosperity of young people, representing the Māori community. At the Unipharm booth, Tamiaho sampled Jus-C and highly praised the product. He even recorded a video recommending Jus-C to his fellow tribespeople.

During the exchange at the High 5 Expo, it was learned that Tamiaho came for the health of his people, as the average life expectancy of his tribe is only around 50 years. He was seeking products that could enhance their health.

Unipharm's development philosophy is "United in Health, Globally Shared." As a health product processing company in New Zealand with nearly 50 years of production experience, it not only focuses on its own development but also places great importance on social welfare and practices corporate social responsibility. Upon learning about Tamiaho's needs, the on-site representative of Unipharm extended an invitation, hoping he would visit the Unipharm factory for further discussions after the exhibition.

Unipharm aims not only to provide health products for Tamiaho's people but also to share health knowledge and lifestyle concepts with them. 

This Tuesday, Tamiaho, accompanied by the hopes of his people, visited the Unipharm Auckland factory and received a warm welcome.

The Unipharm team introduced Tamiaho to the factory's development history and business philosophy, expressing a strong willingness to support the health initiatives of the Māori community. They aim to bring health concepts to the Māori people and actively participate in community lectures and related activities.

During the visit, Tamiaho toured the Unipharm production workshop, expressing admiration for the manufacturing of the company's health products. He engaged in in-depth discussions with leaders from various departments.

Tamiaho stated that many of Unipharm's health products are well-suited for their community, expressing the hope that Unipharm can share health concepts with his people and empower them with knowledge of healthy nutrition.

On December 23, 2023, the community of Tamiaho will organize a Community Health Action and Children's Welfare Celebration. Approximately 80-100 children and families are expected to participate in this event. Unipharm has been invited to take part in the lecture during the celebration, contributing to the realization of the vision of truly sharing global health.