About Unipharm

50 years history, spanning from 1979 to 2024

Unipharm's Milestones 

Since 1979


 Unipharm's predecessor established the first health supplement factory in Auckland.

 The former Prime Minister of New Zealand and former Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Helen Clark, met with the founder of what would become Unipharm.  


The predecessor of Unipharm established subsidiaries and offices in multiple countries overseas, laying the foundation for a business structure with New Zealand as the production base and global marketing


In 2008, New Zealand became the first developed Western country to sign a free trade agreement with China. The signing of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement brought new opportunities for the food and health supplement industries in New Zealand, fostering development in the Chinese market. Unipharm began offering services to Chinese enterprises.

In 2014, the China-New Zealand relationship was elevated to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

In 2017, the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement was upgraded. 


Unipharm's Strategic Turning Point Year
The current management team has taken over Unipharm, leading the company's comprehensive shift towards the Asia-Pacific market. Unipharm is deeply cultivating the health supplement OEM sector and establishing partnerships with numerous outstanding Asian enterprises.


In 2017, we partnered with our first New Zealand brand and gradually collaborated with clients in Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and China.


Thanks to the rapid growth in the Chinese market, Unipharm was nominated for the 2020 Employer of the year, Excellence in Innovation, and Excellence in International Trade awards sponsored by Westpac New Zealand.


Unipharm has been awarded the excellence in International trade Award for the year 2022.


Unipharm has been awarded the 9th International Best Practice Competition 2023 & New Zealand Best Practice Competition 2023.


New Health New Zealand, a subsidiary of Unipharm, has been honored with the 馥兰德 Award for the Annual Most Influential Brand and the 'Star of Excellence' Quality and Reputation Award.


Unipharm received dual nominations for the 2023 Innovator of the Year and Business of the Year awards from the New Zealand Chinese Business Club, ultimately winning the Innovator of the Year Award.


Finalisted for the Best Medium Business Award at the New Zealand International Business Awards (NZIBA) hosted by NZTE, and invited to attend the gala dinner.


Unipharm participated in the inaugural High5 Summit in 2023, receiving the High5 Health Promoter Award of Achievement , Platinum Award, and Outstanding Contribution Award.

Additionally, during the summit, Mr. Xie attended a roundtable meeting and was honored with the individual award - Award of High5 Voice .


Unipharm is ready to provide high-quality services for top-tier brands from around the world.