Our Services

Fast delivery, cost-effective, superior quality, natural ingredients.


Our In-depth Service Process

As a factory with a 50-year history specializing in the professional production of health products, we offer you comprehensive one-stop service.

Furthermore, we have an experienced team to apply for patents in areas such as technology development, formula creation, and other aspects of product development.

All for your health manufacturing needs

Customer   Consultation

The outstanding sales team will work closely with brand partners, offering comprehensive support to serve customers and ensuring secure, tracked order services.  

Brand Design

We design branding according to brand partner requirements and relevant laws and regulations, including logos, labels, trademarks, and packaging.

Product R & D

In addition to the existing portfolio of over 5000 mature formulations, our professional R&D team can develop formulations according to the specific requirements of the brand.  

Material Procurement

Procuring high-quality raw materials and packaging products from suppliers, the group's QA and QC teams rigorously control the process.

Label Review

  We conduct label reviews for brand partners to ensure compliance with regulations, examining all label elements including graphics, text, ingredient lists, and nutritional facts.

Trademark Registration

Our professional team can assist brand partners in registering a company in New Zealand (which can be done for foreign individuals) and also in trademark registration.


The control team will monitor and record every aspect of the production process to ensure the high quality of the products.  

Document Submission

We'll provide the nutritional panel and monitoring reports for raw materials and finished products, export documents like the Health Certificate and Certificate of Origin.


We will provide the fastest and most reliable local or international transportation, ensuring that brand partners receive the products promptly and securely.  

Customs Clearance

According to client and country requirements, we'll prepare all necessary documents and handle customs clearance, ensuring smooth product arrival.