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Soft Capsules

Soft capsules are Unipharm's longest-standing flagship product. Our Antarctic krill oil capsules hold the top position in the Chinese market and rank second globally.

Shapes: Oval, cylindrical, fish-shaped, heart-shaped, etc.

Size: 0.25g - 1.5g

      8 Oval

      12 Oval

    16 OB

    20 OB

     22 OB


     24 OB


      8 Fish

      10 Fish

    15 Fish


    16 Fish

     18 Fish

       06 Tube


Hard Capsules

We are familiar with domestic and international nutritional regulations and standards, and can customize hard capsules of different specifications to meet customer requirements.

Shapes: Cylindrical

Size: 0.25g - 1.2g

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Hard Cap 0

Hard Cap 0

Hard Cap 00

Hard Cap 00

Hard Cap 00

Hard Cap 00EL



With many years of experience in producing health supplements and pediatric tablets, we offer customized research and development services to meet various flavor and shape preferences of our clients.

Shapes: Round, oval, bear-shaped, irregular, etc. We can also customize molds according to customer requirements.

Tablet Small Bear

Tablet Big Bear 

Tablet Round Small

Tablet Round Big

Tablet Oval

Tablet Animal



Unipharm's highly automated liquid filling equipment facilitates the production and packaging of liquid substances. Crafted with the finest ingredients, our liquid sachet is a great-tasting and nutritionally rich option with a customized flavor to suit your preferences.  


Packaging : Back-seal sachet

Size:  5ml - 20ml



We specialize in developing customized, complex formulas for dietary supplements that are both delicious and nutritious, helping your product stand out among competitors.

Packaging: Side sealed sachet & Back sealed sachet
Size: Side sealed sachet 1g-5g, Back sealed sachet 1g-25g


Drops & Spray

Whether you prefer bottle spray or bottle drops, we offer the flexibility to produce various capacity sizes according to your specific requirements.

Packaging: Plastic bottles, glass bottles
Size: 10ml - 250ml