Unipharm Receives High 5 Health Promotion Achievement Award

On November 24, 2023, the highly anticipated High5 New Zealand International Summit  took place in Auckland.

During the gala dinner held on the same day, Unipharm, without a doubt, was honored with the High 5 Health Promoter Award of Achievement. This award is particularly prestigious, adding to the significance of the accolades received during the exhibition, including the Platinum Award at the High 5 Expo.

Leaders, businesses, investors, seasoned scholars, and emerging leaders from the global health industry attended the award banquet.

Due to Unipharm's outstanding performance in the New Zealand health sector in recent years, particularly with rapid growth in trade with China, the nomination phase for this award saw high levels of attention on Unipharm. Winning this honor is a well-deserved recognition of their accomplishments.

The representative of Unipharm in New Zealand, upon receiving the award, stated, "Even in the midst of severe global economic turbulence, the health sector has remained one of the most significantly growing segments in recent years. Unipharm seizes this development opportunity, increases research and development investment, expands production capacity, diversifies product structure, and comprehensively deepens its presence in the global health industry supply chain. We have particularly strengthened cooperation and exchanges with the Chinese health industry, achieving rapid development through deep engagement. This honor is a recognition and encouragement for us. We will work together with global partners to build a thriving ecosystem in the health market, promoting the high-quality development of the health industry.  

 Mr. Xie, the CEO of Unipharm, shared his views on the topic of corporate responsibility to the national brand during the roundtable meeting with the attendees.  

It is reported that High 5 is one of the most influential conferences in the field of health in New Zealand, focusing on five areas: medical health, physical health, mental health, group health, and environmental health. By building an international health industry expo that connects the East and the West, the conference aims to share innovations, products, services, and ideas, promoting the globalization of consumption in the health sector.

In the field of comprehensive health, Unipharm has made significant investments, holding over 100 global patents and providing safe and high-quality products for more than 200 nutritional brands. They have made outstanding contributions to the development of the health industry in both the East and the West.